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Warriors of The Net

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Warriors of The Net

Publication date 2002
Publisher Ericsson Medialab
Digitizing sponsor Gunilla Elam, Tomas Stephanson, Niklas Hanberger
Warriors of The Net -
An animation explaining the way IP packets flow on the Internet

Trailer and full film (12:40)
This movie is made available by Ericsson Medialab at with permission to mirror

© Copyright 2002 Gunilla Elam, Tomas Stephanson, Niklas Hanberger All rights reserved
However, any person is hereby authorised to view, copy and distribute this material provided that:

* The material is used for information purposes and non-commercial use only.
* All clips are shown in their full length including the copyright notice.
* the material is not modified, revised or reencoded in any manner.
* reference to the Warriors of the Net web site is made when the material is used.

Any other use is prohibited,
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Reviewer: rreo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 29, 2008
Subject: Teaching about Internet
I like this as a way to introduce students who are non-technology majors to TCP/IP and basic internal workings of the Internet/Web.
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